Pool Table Professionals

Never Attempt to Move a Pool Table In One Piece.

In attempt to save some money, the customer of this table decided to get several of their friends together and attempted to move this table in one piece. Unfortunately  it ended up costing them more to fix the repairs than it would of cost to have it professionally moved.

All the receivers that hold the rails onto the table were stripped from trying to pick up the table by the aprons and rails.
Several key pieces of the table were broken during the attempt to move it.
The top of the rail was broken.
The legs were damaged when trying to push the table across the floor.
Several of the aprons were broken when they attempted to pick the table up by it's sides.
More damaged aprons.
Table rebuilt by Pool Table Professionals.
Attempt to set up and refelt/recover pool table.

In an effort to save money; this customer attempted to assemble a  new table and apply new cloth by himself.  Once again, this ended up costing the customer more than it would have cost for us to set up and refelt the table from the start.
Cloth not properly cut or stapled to the rails
The slate screws were not put in, the holes were "puttied" over!
The pocket fingers were haphazardly cut
Miscellaneous screws and bolts that were not put in
All the slates had to be removed and then placed back on in the correct order. After being placed onto the frame, the slate seams had to be sealed with  beeswax.
Bed cloth being glued down.
Table rebuilt by Pool Table Professionals